Friday, July 1

Getting Lost :)

So I'm in Michigan for two weeks with my best friend Ashlea who I have known since we were both ten years old.  But unfortunately her family moved to Michigan, but here we are eighteen years old living twenty four hundred miles away from each other.  But I'm here in Michigan visiting her and her family.  Anyway, in the past ten years since we have been commuting from Michigan to California, and (sometimes Hilton Head) we have still stayed best friends, and we have this tradition that we watch Pirates of the Caribbean and play endless games of Disney monopoly.  Well I don't know how many of you have seen the Pirate's movies but the main character Captain Jack Sparrow has this compass.  This compass points to what Jack desires the most.  And this made me think..."How easy would it be if I had a compass that pointed to whatever I wanted, whatever I desired the most?"  Especially now when I have no idea what I want, in....well in life general.   I now that makes me sound really teenager-depressed-don't know what I want.  But really who knows what they want?  Who knows what exactly they want out of life?  Most teenagers go into college with an undeclared major and then again they change their major anyway.  People who think they know what they want end up changing their mind.  Even the pirates were lost.  Barbbossa said, "For sure, you have to be lost to find a place that can't be found, elseways everyone would know where it was."I just really loved that quote, it's pretty true to.  You can't really find anything unless your lost.  When your lost is when you find what your looking for.  You don't find your way to what you want by standing their waiting for it.  You find it by wandering down the wrong paths looking for the right ones.  You have to be lost to find what you really want.  It's okay to be lost, if only for a little while, as long as you try to find the right way out.  My advice is to just not worry about being lost or not knowing where you are going.  But you need to have the drive and momentum to want to find the right way.  But being lost isn't all that bad.  You learn a lot about yourself, what you want in yourself and just how much you can handle.  So just be okay not exactly knowing where your headed, because at our age that's alright.  Being lost is okay but as we get older people expect us to know exactly where we are.  So let's be lost for awhile, not know exactly where we are headed,  because when we are lost we can find what we want better then choosing a path...i think it's more fun that way anyway... :)

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