Sunday, August 14

The cliche of San Fransisco

So we just got back from our family's summer vacation the other day.  We had so much fun.  We went up to northern California and did a lot of hiking and tide pooling.  We then spent two days in the beautiful city of San Fransisco.  Well one morning we were eating breakfast on the top floor of our hotel and my dad looked out at the skyline of the city and wondered out loud if any of the buildings standing today survived the great San Fransisco earthquake.  And I looked out at the beautiful skyline of San Fransisco,  hundreds of buildings in view and my breath was taken away.  I know that sounds so weird.  But I was so amazed how one of the most thriving cities in the country could just be completely demolished in a matter of hours.  And look at it now.  Bigger and more thriving then before.  So I bet you can guess my analogy.  I mean come on I bet you all think that I'm going to say "oh we should be like the city and just pick ourselves up after we think we have been demolished by something."  Well, yeah that's part of it.  But what I thought more about was how beautiful that city is, and how Most people ask, "Why?"  when things like earthquakes, national disasters, and recessions happen.  I mean I wasn't there when the Great San Fransisco earthquake happened, but I would bet my college fund that there was at least one person that asked, "Why?".  The bad things that happen to us in our lives, whether it be an earthquake, or anything else that shakes up our lives, they happen for a reason.  The bad things that we think will demolish us the same way San Fransisco became demolished, they happen to teach us lessons, to teach us about ourselves, what we are capable of, and show us just how strong we are.  You have to fall into a hole to be able to find your way back out.  You have to go through the bad times to find your way to the good ones.  I know how cliche this sounds.  But sometimes cliches have a lot of truth to them.  Bad things happen.  They will always happen.  Nothing ever goes perfect.  Horrible things that happen to us happen for the fact that without them we wouldn't be who we are today.  It helps to strengthen us and teach us who we are and who we can be.  So my advice is pretty simple,  be like the city of San Fransisco when things get horrible and your shaken to your core, you work hard, you build yourself back up better then ever. 

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