Saturday, October 2

Follow your heart...But makes sure your friends agree.

I’ve always wanted a blog.  For it is here I can share my wisdom with the world.  Or the few of you who might actually read this.  Here I can share my thoughts, mistakes and triumphs.  And hopefully, if I’m successful…someone will learn from them.  Lord knows I haven’t learned from a lot of them.  You think I would have by now.  Listen to my friends, or even myself…but I don’t I follow my heart.  And sometimes it doesn’t get me very far.  Well, far in trouble that isJ.  You would think by senior year I would learn to not pig out for it only brings you tighter jeans, or to not be lazy for it only brings you a longer to do list later.  Or to listen to my mother, she’s always right.  (and for those of you who said no, your wrong.  Mom knows best.  Always.  Period end of story.  Don’t argue.)  Or to think before I act it only brings me heart ache, and listen to my friends.  They see the things you dont.  And thats my first piece of advice.  Follow your heart...But makes sure your friends agree. 
So i guess i should give you an example.  Because thats how people learn right?  by example?  well then here you go.
Its your typical story.  Girl has boyfriend, Boy likes Girl, Girl and Boyfriend break up, Boy becomes new boyfriend.  New Boy and Girl fall in love.  Girl's bff HATES Boy.  Boy says sweet nothings such as "One Day When We Get Married..." and I'll love you forever."  But just like Winnie the Pooh said, "I used to believe in forever . . . but forever was too good to be true.  Which was Boy's philosphy when Boy broke Girl's heart.  GIrl now has to live in the smallest town in southeren California running into Boy everyday.  But what are you going to do right?
Boys will always come and go.  Even if you think your relationship is different, because believe me I thought my ten month relationship with a guy who was my best friend was different.  But looking back now, he wasn't the guy I thought he was.  Behind those pretty blue eyes, was a phony.  He hurt me and my relationship with my best friend.  Who took me back and let me cry into a plate of her famous chocolate chip cookies like the hurt and ickyness we had never happened.  Those are the true keepers, not the phonys. 
Now don't think I'm one of those scorned women who hate boys.  Actually I love them:) But don't fall into a crazy world of forevers...when you still got forever to live. 
For those of you who were in the same boat I was...heres some more advice...Eat choclate chip cookies, (and if you break them up the crumbs aren't any calories:) Cry to your best friends, stay busy, DO NOT get revenge! ( it might just come back to bite you) Go shopping!, Do the things that make you the happiest, and listen to some really good music.  (Below are some suggestions of my break up playlist.) 

Break-Up Songs

  • Undo It- Carrie Underwood

  • A Little Bit Stronger- Sara Evans

  • Love Dont Live Here Anymore- Lady Antebellum

  • Long Gone- lady Antebellum

  • I Pray For you- Jarrod and the...

  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend- Miranda Lambert

  • and anything by Taylor Swift.
Hope this helps a little,
Love Sydney

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