Sunday, October 3

Don't fear the change...Do something different.

My parents and I painted my room today, it went from green to a light purple.  Which I still can’t decide if the purple is more mature then the camouflage room or if it’s too little girly, like I’m eight    But anyway, when we first moved into our new house I wasn’t very happy about it.  See like nine gross sub human pigs were living in the house before us, they all smoked, never cleaned, and we think they burned down a tree in the backyard.  I wasn’t excited about moving into a dirty house when ours was perfectly clean and fine.  Well being the dramatic girl I am I threw a fit and made my mom paint the room exactly like my old room.  Which means it is very little kiddish.  But today it becomes a new room, with a new color.  This made me start thinking…
How much do we try to prevent change?  How much do we like the little routine that our lives have become and fear what would happen if something did in fact change?
"The key to change is let go of the fear" -Rosanne Cash
So this is my life lesson for today is this: Do something crazy of different today. Don't get stuck into your same routine every day, change it up and do something you normally wouldn't do.  Like order the coffee of the day instead of your usual at Starbucks.  You never know, you might actually like it better.  Drive a different way to work.  You might see something you wouldn't have seen before  Sit with a new group of people at lunch.  You might meet someone new.  Wear a crazy outfit, or those shoes someone said they didn't like so they are in the back of the closet.  Or move the furniture around, or be like me and paint a room.  You never know what a little change can do to your life.  If anything it helps you to experience new and different things.  It can help you see things the way you might not have seen them before.  Change can change your life...and the only reason we don't is because we are afraid of the unknown.  Don't be afraid, and change it up a never know what could happen.
Well my parents are back from Home Depot with the paint, so I'm going to go paint now...:)  Hope your change brings you a good day:)
Love Sydney

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