Saturday, January 15

Fall in Love ♥

One of my best friends and I went out and saw the movie "Country Strong" with Gwyenth Paltrow.  Now personally I didn't think it was as good as everybody said, but I did like it.  I wont ruin it for you, but there was one line in the movie that I loved.  Gwyenth's character is giving a young and upcoming singer some advice, she says, "Fall in love, it is the most important thing in the world.  Fall in love with as many things you can."  When people tell you to fall in love, you always think that it has to be a guy.  But here's a secret, It doesn't :)  One thing I have found out about being single is that I'm not depending on a boy for my hapiness.  Instead I'm finding it in myself, and in the little things around me.  So my advice? Same as Gwyenth's, Go fall in love with as many things as possible. :)  And because I'm such a type a, and love lists (ask Madi, she knows:)) heres my list of some of the things that I love.

I love...
feeling close with God
being with my best friends
wearing cute shoes
wearing dresses
country music
singing real loud with the windows down
laughing until i'm crying and cant breathe
fortune cookies
red headed boys
ugg boots
princess coloring books
disney movies
going to the beach
wearing a bathing suit
running barefoot
swinging on a swing set
first kisses
cheetah print
high heels
fashion magazines
big rings
making lists
the city
love stories
wedding shows

How about you?
Have fun falling in love...


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