Wednesday, February 9

Confidence :)

Hey guys!  Life has been pretty busy lately, that's why I haven't written lately.  There was finals, and the end of the semester.  (4.0 GPA baby!:))  But with a new semester came new classes, which means I'm now in psychology, which so far I have enjoyed.  We are learning a lot about self image and how we perceive ourselves.  But I have learned a lot about myself lately, and my confidence in myself.  If you had talked to me last year, I was a bitter person who was quick to anger and didn't feel god about myself or walked with my head down.  Things have changed, at least I think they have.  I realized today that since last year, not only did I grow another inch and my hair a couple more, I grew some confidence.  I turned over a new leaf and a new chapter in my life, and picked my head up.  So my advice would be this, take a look in that mirror and really truly look at yourself.  For most people that is the most scariest thing they could ever do, but really do it,  stare at yourself and get to know yourself.  Think about your goals, what you want to do with the rest of your life, your aspirations, the things you love, the things that make you angry, your personality, and who you are.  Now you are all are probably saying- "Sydney you can't see those things in your reflection, and what does that have to do with confidence in yourself?"  Well, I'll tell you.  When you know where your going, know what you love, and your aspirations for the next couple years to come you understand life more.  You can jump out of bed in the morning excited for the day.  When you appreciate yourself and are confident in the person you are and your goals, you stand head held high happy there is another day you can go out to achieve them.  Having confidence in yourself help you to be happier and more motivated, and get you to where you want to go. 

Happy being confident:)

Love, Syd

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