Monday, February 21

Figuring it out

So I have a severe case of writer's block, which is especially frusterating when you are getting nagged at by your parents to try to jumpstart my career as a journalist.  They told me I need to get myself out there more, network, and figure out a way to get internships and expereince under my belt.  I guess i then figured out how old I was.  I'm going to turn eighteen in two months and I'm freaking out.  I turn eighteen and a lot changes.  Besides the fact that I can now buy cigarettes and porn, (two things I have no interest in buying by the way)  I have responsiblities.  Like college, where your paying, so your grades are kind of important.  Or Voting,  I have an impact on who runs this country now.  i can do things without my parent's consent, get married, or get a medical exam.  It's almost insane how I've had eighteen years to prepare for this, and I'm just know realizing that I have no idea what to do.  And thats really scary to say out loud.  Yeah I have goals and things that I aspire to one day do,  but its like wanting to get to the moon, you can't just jump and expect to get there.  This isn't saturday morning cartoons.  But I guess I better figure it out fast, cause I graduate in May.  But then I began to wonder, how many people really know what they want to do when they are eighteen?  And is it really that big of a deal if I'm not so sure right now?  I don't want to regret what I end up writing down on that declaration of major form.  I want to find something that I love to do, that brings me joy and causes me to wake up every morning excited for whats to come.  Something that makes me feel like I have a purpose in all of this, that there is a reason I stand here today.  There is a reason, I was meant for something.  I guess I just have to figure it out, and hopefully all you people out there have already, but for the select few who are still unsure, Find your passion in life and follow that, along that road your dreams and inspirations will find you, helping to guide you along the path towards sucess.

Good Luck :) -SYD

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