Wednesday, March 9

Cinderella: Proof Shoes Can Change a Girls Life :)

So last time I wrote I was being cynical about fairy tales, but there was one lesson I learned from Cinderella, one I have decided to keep with me forever :) Shoes can change a girls life. :) I mean come on!  Cinderella's glass slipper brought her true love and a way out of her horrible life.  Today I wore a pair or three inch tall clog heels to school, and those of you who know me know that I'm already five feet ten inches.  So I was quite tall today. :) Anyway, I have a lot of different pairs of shoes--more then thirty actually.  But shoes can change a whole outfit, and your whole outlook on life.  Not only do heels make your perspective of life higher, you also walk straighter with your head held high, you are so proud of yourself for going all day without falling, and people begin to notice you.  When I wear my sparkly flats my whole day sparkles.  Or my brown knee high boots; I feel like I really do live in the country, with a hint of scandal.  My favorite Steve Maddens I only wear all dolled up for special occasions, or even those run down old sneakers you just cant seem to get rid of.  Your collection of shoes says a lot about you, and the shoes that you wear everyday says a lot about your mood and a good pair of shoes can turn a day around :)

So my advice?  The best advice anyone could ever give you: SHOP! and then shop some more, and then shop again :) and shop until you find those perfect pair of shoes you just cant live without :) fortunately I was blessed with a wonderful mother and a love for shoes :)
Sydney :)

steve-madden-oxfords-olsen-twins-news-com-320x240.jpg (I really want these :))
 Prom :)

 these just make me happy :)

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