Tuesday, March 15

Lessons from a Skinned Knee :)

If you know me good enough you know I'm quite a klutz.  I fall, trip, run into things, and hit my head.  I have scars all over my legs and hands, and I don't even know where they all come from.  But its funny, so many people laugh at me and think it's hilarious, I get teased all the time for it.  But I don't think some people know how much you can learn from a skinned knee.
 They say that it takes more courage to keep your mouth shut then it does to open it up.  I have found this to be a problem in my life, sometimes I feel that what I need to say is important even though if I'm not in a place to say anything.  So as I was sitting on the bathroom counter holding a paper towel to my knee as Madi put a band aid on it, and realized that maybe this was a sign from God.  Now we are going to remember I had woken up at four, No coffee, and had breathed in paint fumes from making signs.  So I might have been a little more crazy then usual.  But anyway, I thought about how maybe me falling and skinning my knee was a sign from God.  He knew I needed to learn to not open my mouth and speak my mind, but instead to be quiet and to let others lead and delegate.  Sometimes I think I want to lead so much that it almost makes me a bad leader.  But skinning my knee was almost like God telling me to slow down and putting me in my place.  It was like he was saying, "Syd, your over stepping your role, slow down and let others speak. 
So my advice would be to not be like me and the only way for me to shut up is to have God bring me to my knees.  To remember where you stand and sometimes learn to keep your mouth shut, no matter what you think you should say...And if you are like me...buy cute band aids, because you'll have a lot scrapes :)


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