Saturday, August 20

Hypocrisy :)

I don’t know why but it’s taken me a long time to write this, but I just love when my prayers are answered.  Most people that don’t have a true relationship with God think that He is an unspoken maker of the world that doesn’t care about what goes on in this world or our problems.  Well I don’t believe that at all.  I don’t even think I could ever believe that.  God is up there and he knows our true selves.  He knows what is in our hearts, what we are struggling with, and even what we need to hear at that moment.  Last night at church was my perfect example.
  So I was sitting at Ignite church down in Poway.  And someone that I particularly didn’t want to see sits down right smack dab in front of me.  My first reaction was to huff and frown.  But about two point five seconds later I got annoyed at myself. 
“Haven’t I been praying for this person to come to church? “   “Hoping that they would come back to God?”  “So why am I annoyed?”  “Why am I annoyed at this answered prayer?’  “Why am I such a hypocrite?”
  As the praise team wrapped up and I kept questioning my motives, Pastor Dave began his sermon…on hypocrisy.
  So if ya’ll don’t think that God listens to your heart and knows you, and you just think life is full of coincidences...well I think your wrong.  God does know.  He knows what your feeling before you even do.  He knew that I has been praying and hoping this person would come back to church.  He knew that I had been a hypocrite and putting my own feelings of discomfort before the feelings of happiness and joy I should have felt to see this person come back to church.   I love it,  I love that He knows exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it.  I guess I have talked about this before in my blog entry about signs.  But I just can’t get over hoe great God is and how much He truly does know us and what is in our hearts.
  I just wanted to share that with you guys.  And to I guess warn you about hypocrisy.  What comes out of our mouths and what we say we believe in isn’t always what our actions portray.  So don’t be hypocritical.  I know its  impossible and everyone makes mistakes.  But try not to be.  And to look for the best in situations.  For the good side of things, Not to be hypocritical and to think before we act. 
Love, Syd

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