Wednesday, August 24

Stick to your decisions!

Hey y'all! Sorry it has been awhile since I've written. But I do have a good excuse, I started going to college on Monday, which has kept me pretty busy. I'm going to Palomar community college, and I do like it, except the traffic. But let me explain something, see I live in this really small town where everybody knows of everybody. And everybody can't wait to leave, including me. So when all of my friends left and went off to college, we'll I did kind of feel left out. They were starting over with a clean slate at a school where no one knew their name. And here I am still in our little cow town. And the thing is, I could have gone away to college if I wanted to. But I decided not to, because of what was right for me. And I do like it here, and there's enough people I can avoid the ones I don't want to see. But I have been thinking about decisions, and how we have to stick with them. We can't regret them. I knew that this would be the best thing did me, and I'm glad I did it. So stick to the decisions you make. Know that they make you who you are, and who you will become. And college is only four years of our lives? Why stress it so much? Stick to your choices and don't regret them. If you sit and regret where you are, you can't really appreciate the view around you. :) Syd

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