Saturday, August 27

I was adored once too...

 Hey guys, :)
So it's Saturday and I thought I would put up another story.  But I want to explain it a little first.  See I really like english, so much in fact that I became known for always helpng my friends with their work.  So when my best friend was here in a panic because her internet was down and she had to finish her english project, I gladly let her come in and helped her.  She was doing a project on "Twelfth Night", by William Shakespeare.  When she left I felt inspired by the story and a line that said..."I was adored once too..." I thought it was a beautiful line and it made me happy.  Because so many people can say those lines with so many different emotions behind them.  So here is the story of Andrew from "Twelfth Night" and how he was adored once too....:)

“I was adored once too.” I said the fond memories beginning to fill my mind but I waited until Toby left the room and I retired into bed to let them take over my sub-conscious.  I can remember it like it was only yesterday, I can remember her long brown hair and the few ringlets that never seemed to stay pinned to the nape of her neck, and the way she seemed to smell of lavende.  I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the memories, I shed my blubbering persona, just for the night, even though I know I will regret it when I cry out in my sleep.  The person I pretend to be, is easier then the sadness and regret I feel daily.
As sleep invades me and as my eyes fall I remember that beauteous day.  I was only a mere eighteen years old the day I left my father’s house after a fight we had had.  To this day I can’t remember the argument.  Only that it was fate that brought my angry self to wander aimlessly in the apple orchards.  Suddenly a bee began to chase me as I ran I turned the corner and lost my balance, toppling over into a compromising position on top what then became the object of my affection.
“Sir, What is thy meaning of this, are you trying to hurt me?  What have I ever done to you that you feel the need to throw me to the ground and spill my hours work?”
 I then noticed her basket of apples that had spilled all around our feet as I quickly arose.
“Well, explain please kind sir.”
Suddenly my usual large amount of words and humors ceased to exist for I was captivated by the beautiful form that stood before me.   She seemed to glow and radiate even though the clouds in the sky hinted to the rain that would fall that night.
“You have such captivating eyes.”
“Excuse me, who do you think you are?”
“I’m sorry miss, I’m Mr. Andrew Aguecheek, and I have to say that you have just stolen my heart.”
She huffed in complete annoyance and was probably appalled at what I had said and spun around leaving her basket and apples and turned to walk the opposite way.  But she couldn’t hide the blush that rose to her cheeks and the slow rise of her ears in a smile.  I quickly picked up her basket and gathered the run away apples.  I sprinted past her and turned around so I was in front of her presenting her with the basket.  Startled she smiled, clearly flattered.  I flourished an overdramatic bow, she giggled, a sound that had to be from the angels for it touched my heart and warmed my soul.
“Are you going to grace with me with the knowledge of your name now, since I picked up your apples?”
She bowed her head and a blush filled her cheeks.
 “Rebecca, Rebecca James.”
  Her name produced a flutter in the pit of my stomach, a flutter I had never felt before.  She took my arm and I walked her up and down the orchard.  I told her of my qualms with my father and how he pressured me into doing the things I never wanted, like taking over the land he owned.   She told me of her family and how her father was sick and all the money that she could make from collecting apples went towards his health and the outrageously high rent she had to pay for living on our land.  Angered that a lady like her should have to work I told her I would leave and speak to my father, her landlord, immediately.  As I went to leave she tugged on my arm.  “No, My dearest Andrew please do not leave me for I fear I may never see you again.”
“But I must talk to my father about this, a woman as pulchritudinous as you shouldn’t have to work, But promise me this, promise me you’ll meet me here tomorrow when the sun is completely overhead.  I will wait here for you, if you adore me you’ll be here waiting. “
“Oh Andrew, I do adore you, I will always adore you.”
My heart filled with adoration and my eyes couldn’t see anything else but the beautiful being before me.  I pulled her close and covered her lips with mine.  A feeling I have never seemed to feel before came over me, a feeling that could never fully be explained or repeated.  I ran as fast as I could home with the smile of that moment never leaving my face.  Well at least until I walked into the home of my father.  I found him looking over papers as the servant served him his meal.  Enraged I told him of my day and how he couldn’t expect the poor girl I was madly in love with to pay so much to live in a run down shack that was causing her father to be sick.  My father became angry, he told me to not interfere in his business.  I didn’t know what business I was speaking of.  We had words as we always do about the many things we don’t agree on.  I went up to second floor study and escaped out to a balcony.  I watched my father walk outside to a horse our servant had waiting for him.
“Who is this ungrateful girl who thinks she can complain about the house I let her live in, a house she doesn’t even pay full price for?”  And with that he mounted his horse and was off into the dark of the night.  I rose quickly; I knew I should go warn Rebecca.  But my father had already gotten such a far start and I could never make it through the orchards in the dark of night as fast as he could.  All night I slept fitfully hoping Rebecca was safe from my evil father and dreamt of her sweet lips on mine and the weight of her hand on my arm. 
The next day I could not find my father anywhere around our estate.   Worried about what he might have done to Rebecca I hurried to our spot in the orchard.  There sat her basket filled with half a dozen apples.  Hurriedly I threw the apples aside finding a piece of parchment at the bottom.  Carefully unfolding the letter I found a hastenly written note.

My Dearest Andrew,
Your father eradicated my father and I from our home.  He threatened me saying I only pretended my love for you to acquire your money.  I do hope that those aren’t your feelings toward me.  And you know that I do adore you, I always will…
Your love,

Tears pouring down my eyes I ran to find my love.  But all that was left was an empty shack and a pile of apples.  Enraged at my father for what he did I left.  Never looking back, never wanting the life my father had planned for me I left, travelling around for many years searching for the only girl I will ever love, I finally gave up hope and settled on the small island Illyria.  Where I have found…

“Andrew, Andrew,” Toby stood over me shaking me.
“Andrew you were crying out in your sleep, are you alright?”
 I sat up and tried to hide my sadness from my dream with a smile and a nod.
“Yes, I will be alright.”
“Are you ever going to tell me of this Rebecca you always cry for every night?”
I just smile and say “perchance when I’m not so upset.”  But every morning Toby forgets to ask and I never tell him.  Although I have found a good life on this island, my love is still out there, never to be found by me but to always be adored.

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