Sunday, September 18

Mexico Part Uno :)

Oh my oh my.  I can not believe I haven't written in almost three weeks.  I really kinda feel bad.  And after I made my pledge and everything.  Well college, homework, social life, swimming, and trying to breathe has taken up so much time.  But I have a lot to tell you guys.  First I just got back from a missions trip over the weekend.  We went to Mexico to go work on a sister church our church in the U.S is building.  They had invited a bunch of the kids from the town to come and have a little bible lessons and to play games with us.  Twenty little kids showed up  ranging from ages five to thirteen.  We made salvation bracelets with them.

Blue: Represents God's love
Black: Our sinful ways that seperates us from God
Red: Jesus's blood shed for our sins
Green: Represents the new life we have with Jesus Christ
Yellow: The streets of gold and the luxuries in heaven
Purple: How Jesus is our Prince of Peace
Glow in the Dark:  How Jesus is the light in the darkness of our sins.  And we should strive to be a light unto the world showing God's love.

After we made our bracelets we all played games with the little kids :)
they had so much fun playing games that most kids that live in the U.S get bored with in just a few minutes.

like musical chairs :)

or Pato Pato Gonso (Duck Duck Goose)

Those kids taught me a lot.  Which is actually what my next blog is going to be about, so I wont go on too much about it.  But one thing I did learn was that I didn't know as much Spanish as I thought I did.  But even though I couldn't fully communicate with the little kids, thanks three years of spanish, I learned that a smile is really the simplest form of communication.  And no matter what language you speak, everyone understands it.

the next thing we did was go and visit the orphanage in the town.  It was sad to see seventy five children who didn't have parents or a constant person that loved them unconditionally.  They loved us there.  They hung on us and loved on us all evening.  We played basketball and ran around, more Pato Pato Gonso and Ring around the Rosie.  It was almost as if the little ones didn't realize their situation.  The older ones did though.  You could see that some were introverted and sat by themselves.  But when we left the little ones each gave us five hugs saying good bye and that they loved us.

The whole experience wasn't so much eye opening as many people say when they come back from Mexico, but more joyful.  You could see the children's love and happiness, how they really did understand what we were saying and teaching them.  It gave me joy to see these little innocent children who were so happy with the simplistic things.  That they loved unconditionally even though some of them didn't have anybody to love them back.  I just hope and pray endlessly that we made a real impact on those kids, even just one little kid would be enough.  I fell in love with them.  And I hope that you would pray for them also.  Pray that we made a difference in their lives and an impact on their beliefs.

photo credits go to Jessalyn Kattke:)
look out for part dos :)

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