Saturday, November 19

getting played and falling in love and what I learned :)

Hey guys :) hope your all having a good weekend and are excited for thanksgiving break:) I know I am:) anyway so something happened to me this past week that I felt I should have learned something from. But when I sat down to write it out I still couldn't figure out what it was I was supposed to learn out of this. Maybe I'll figure it out by the time I'm done writing. So it all starts with this boy... I know what your thinking...Miss cynical Sydney who wants be a nun!? And the story starts with a boy!?!? Yeah yeah. Well to make a short story even shorter. Boy played me, and it kind of hurt. I don't like being played, or those relationships where it's all just a big question mark. Anyway, I got mad. Probably more mad then I should have gotten, but for the first time in a long time  I put my heart out on the line and my hopes were crushed.  But what was I supposed to learn from it all?  Cause that's really what life is about right?  Figuring out what we can learn from the experiences that happen to us, and how they can change us, and make us a better person?
  So what did I learn?  That boys suck?  No :) absolutely not.  Yes there are some boys out there who do hurt us.  But that cant make me cynical,  just those ones suck.  If all of us girls think all guys suck, this world is going to have more problems then we already do.  There are guys out there that are wonderful :) we just have to be patient.
"I don't know Sydney, maybe you just learned that not every single thing that happens to you has some deeper meaning about life."  Hah.  if that were the case I would have run out of things to write about a long time ago.
So I guess I learned that at the end of the day God knows whats best for you, he knows what you need more then you do.  We just have to trust him to know what that is.  But I think I learn that almost every day...
Alright...What I have learned is this...One of the most significant relationships you will ever have with anyone on this planet is yourself.  Think about it, you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life.You have to learn how to be alone without worrying why you are.  How to smile without someone making you happy, but just being happy with yourself.  You have to learn to be self confident in yourself without someone giving you a compliment.  You have to learn how to  do the things that make you happy.  You have to learn how to be strong and bounce back from heartache and failure.  And you have to learn who your friends are, the ones who will always be there for you.  And most importantly, you have to learn how to fall in love, with who you are.
But not only do you have to fall in love with yourself, you have to be able to be open to love others.  You have to be able to see beauty in the darkness.  To not judge others, but to accept them for their flaws.  And you have to realize that love, and life itself hurts.

There is nothing wrong with being single.  I've actually grown to love it, and myself.  I guess all those things I just said wasn't really just from getting played this last week.  I guess I've been learning them all this time.  But God does have a perfect man out there for all you girls :) you just have to be patient and maybe just learn to love yourself first.  Because if you can't even love yourself, then how is anyone else going to?

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