Friday, July 6

be altruistic.

Hey guys :) so I have some news! I got another job.  That is right not a new job but another job.  Why I thought that two jobs, school,  and swim would be a great idea is a mystery.  But anyway I got a job as a salon coordinator at a beauty salon in town. But i was talking to my mom last night about someone I couldn't remember that said something I could not recall.  I began to realize how many people I come into contact with on a daily basis.  It's only seven forty and I have already talked to my parents, instant messaged my best friend, wrote on my other friends facebook wall, talked to the cashier at Panera, glanced over at someone driving next to me, smiled at the old man who held the door open for me, and thanked the cute waiter who just cleared my plate.  And that was only in the first two hours of my day, think about all day how many people I will have contact with, and on a day I work that number goes up way more.
If you sit back and really think about the number of people you come into contact with everyday, and then the number of people that you see on a daily basis, that number is quite high.  I only started thinking about this after a conversation I had with my friend T when we were exploring the Wild Animal Park (Yes I know they changed the name, but I don't care).  We were saying that you don't know where everyone is on a day to day basis. You dont know what kind of day that other person is having; They could have just gotten a divorce, a promotion, a death notice, or a birth notice,  they could be thinking of harming themselves, or harming another person.  You have no idea.  But with all the people that you see probably half of them are hurting.  Don't rush through your small experience with them.  Don't be rude to them because you are having a bad day or are in a hurry.  Small, be nice, say hello and have a nice day. 
So my altruistic.  Know that at the end of the day other people should have taken up a greater part of your day then you yourself.  Make sure you live your life to serve others.  Put others before yourself, and never put your own needs before others. 

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