Saturday, May 19

My morning coffee rant :)

Well  good morning:) I'm sitting here in Panera enjoying their really good hazelnut coffee and their AMAZING cinnamon crunch bagel...:) I mean really they are amazing and if you've never had one go right now and eat one :) you wont regret it I promise.  Anyway, I'm sitting here early in the morning enjoying my coffee and bagel and working on my Anthropology reading because I'm severely behind.  And if any of you out there don't know what anthropology is, it is the study of evolution of human.  And while I do believe that humans and animals evolve over time and continue to evolve to things such as environment and mutations.  I do not believe that we as humans evolved from our "close relative" the primate.
Now most of you might be saying, "Sydney, you are an early bird I haven't even had my coffee yet this morning how do you already have something to rant about?"
Well I always have something to rant  about, you could wake me up at four in the morning from a deep sleep and I could find something to rant about.  But I completly understand if you all need to pause and go get some coffee before you begin reading.
I've blogged before about purpose, about how everyone has a purpose and was put on this earth for a purpose.  I think that's such an inspiring thought, to think that you, me and everyone was made by a perfect, ultimate God who loves each one of us and sent his only son to die and take our sins for our undeserved salvation.  And as I sit here reading about evolution and how, by that belief, that the whole world and all that is in it, was just by chance.  That just out of nowhere for no reason it came into existence. Well it just doesn't add up to me.
But then you study the minute details of the human body, cells, DNA, the smallest things in your body all working for the purpose of your life.  The changing of the seasons, the massive oceans and redwood forests, the rotation of the planets, the feelings of love and companionship, the forming of new life, your telling my all of that was just by chance?  How?  How are those amazing beautiful things that make up this world all by chance?
I guess my point is if everything were to just have happened by chance then why are we all here? How can you look at the smallest atoms and hpw they work for a purpose of causing a human to live and say that it just all happened by chance?  That love, that feeling that makes the world go round just...just happened?  No.  I'm sorry I just can't live with the fact that out of nowhere

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