Monday, October 4

Just be nice

You know how they say that man is basically good?  Well this my friends is a bunch of phooey, Man is basically evil.  My day today is a good example of this fact.  In the middle of third period I get a text message from a friend saying I've sent them a virus.  Apparently someone hacked into my email and sent every one of my contacts a virus. (Sorry if you got one...Really it wasn't me)  Why some computer geek feels the need to send a bunch of virus's to people they don't know is beyond me.  What accomplishment do you get out of hurting people that you don't even know?  I was pondering this fact as I was waiting in line to pay for something when two girls behind me start going on about some girl that talks about them all the time and they should just stay out of her business and not talk about her to other people.  (I ignored the urge to turn around and point out that she was doing the same thing the "horrible b***h" as she was referred to, was doing to her.  Do we enjoy the fact of hurting others?  Don't we see that the gossip and slander we spew daily hurts others?  And doesn't it hurt us when others do it to us?  I'm sure the computer hacker wouldn't appreciate me hacking his email.
So now that I'm done ranting here's my lesson for the day: Just Be Nice.

Seriously it really isn't that hard.  Hold the door open for the person behind you, Tell your best friend how much she means to you.  Smile to people walking by, lend someone that stick of gum when they ask, ( and we know they always do).  They say smiling causes less wrinkles then frowning.  If you help others to smile, you'll smile too.  Man is basically evil, but I don't know why, why don't we try to not hurt others?  Don't say that mean thing behind some one's back, or roll your eyes, or be rude.  Just be kind, and treat others the way you would want to be treated.  Yes I know its a cliche.  But it really is true.  Isn't it?
Just something to think about:)
Kindly Yours,:)

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