Wednesday, October 27


So like most girls, us swimmers talk a lot...mostly about swimming.  But today we got on the topic of dying.  It all started with a man named Fran Crippen who was only twenty six, and died while he was swimming in a rough water swim.  They say he drowned,  but seriously, if he is going to swim that much in a rough water race, he didn't drown.  I think something happened to him that caused him to loose his life.  Now to other people this might be really sad and totally tragic.  But Madi and I both looked at each other and smiled.  I said, "What a wonderful way to die, I hope I go out like that."  Some of you might think that we are horrible people who don't respect the dead.  But clearly you aren't swimmers.  Think about it though, this guy got to die doing the thing that he truly loved to do.  If you dedicate your life to swimming, chances are you don't loose that.  He got to spend that last hours of his life doing the thing that brought him the most happiness, the thing that he had dedicated his whole life to.  If I get to go out swimming I would feel so lucky.  I mean his death is so sad and tragic, but in a way; I'm glad he got to go out that way.  And I hope I get to die doing that thing that brings me so much joy that death will just be a happy time swimming laps.  So this made me start to think about time that I waste, we never know what could happen tomorrow.  God could come down tomorrow and bring us all into heaven.  We never know,  I just decided that I'm going to not do the things that I don't enjoy.  Why waste the time we have on things that don't bring you happiness?  Now I'm not saying you guys should skip school and put no effort into something.  But next Saturday when your going to the sixth hour of the reality show marathon, think about how you want to go out...watching Jersey Shore?  Or doing that thing that brings a smile to your face and joy in our heart?  I think I'm starting to sound cynical, so I'm going back to my English homework:)
enjoy, Syd:)
this picture just made me happy:)

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