Friday, October 22

Non-Purple Relationships

I learned a lot about relationships today.  Not purple relationships, but my relationships with the people that I love.  When you put things and people in front of your true relationships with your friends, it will only ruin them.  So here is to friendships,  My life lesson for the day:  Keep them close, don't gossip, don't be bitter, learn to love them for who they are, don't criticize them or make them feel less then the person that they are.  Sadly I have done all of these things to people who didn't deserve it.  But I thank God that each one of them forgave me ad still love me today.  So I'm going to tell you all right here that I love you.  To my soul mate sister who lives thousands of miles away.   To my best friend who took me back, and always has my back in our little adventures:), To my other best friend, who I cant ever have a straight face with, and no one outside our heads thinks we are funny.  To the girl I go boy hunting with, and I wish she wasn't so busy.  To my morning practice freshman buddy, and My coffee providing Mexican mommy.  The friend I'm sorry to, and hope we can fix things, the friend I will support no matter what, even if others wont...and to all the others that I hold dearly.  So my advice?  Go make friends but cherish the ones that you have.  Invest in them, work at them, be clear, and be nice.  Go be with people that you love...the other ones are just a waste of time...:)
now go call your best friend and tell them how much they mean to you,

hope this helps:)

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