Wednesday, October 13

Go be a little kid:)

As I sit here studying for my statistics test I'm almost in tears.  I have to get a good grade in this test because my math grade isn't what it should be.  But the tears come from somewhere a little deeper,  A confused woman who doesn't understand who she is or where she is going.  And when you can't understand the deep things in life, the complex things such as math become much more harder.  Growing up is confusing and you have to make a lot of big decisions about the rest of your life.  I guess deep down I'm just scared.  But do you remember when we were five?  Our biggest worries were what color crayon to use?  Or who was first in line?  Remember when we didn't have to worry with our future or school.  We really had no cares in the world?  Some days I wish I could go back to those days for a little while.  When we were little we wanted so much to grow up:)  So my advice for today is this: Go be a little kid for the day.  Go watch Disney movies and color, or go to the park and swing, take a trip to the zoo:)  I know life is hard and can sometimes make you want to cry.  But take a break go back to the good ole days of being five.
hope you have fun:)

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