Monday, October 11

Stop and Help

So today I did something that I have never done before, I went and fed the hungry and poor of the town of Ramona.  Honestly most people would think that it was a gross job feeding dirty people who have to live on the streets.  But it was the most eye opening experience I have had in a long time.  Here I am in my big house eating three sometimes four meals a day with a car and not a care in the world.  And then I have the audacity to complain about my life.  And here are people who are so poor they can't pay for a surgery for her knee or her back.  A man trying to raise his family, and people who can't even pay for food on their table.  And not a complaint from anyone of them.  I never heard them complain about thing, not once.  It broke my heart that I had any right to complain about anything, when I have everything that I will ever need.  After dinner they thanked each of us profusely and helped us fold chairs and tables.  A couple of them then sat down and read through Jesus's Sermon on the Mount.  This made me smile, again these people have little to nothing to there name, But they have faith and a relationship with their Savior.  It brought a smile to my face and my heart warmed.  So my life lesson for today would be: don't complain about the things that you have.  We have it so much better then you would think, and next time you see someone who really needs some help; stop and help them.  It could change the rest of their lives.
If I saw this sign, I would give the man more then a couple of quarters. :)
Love, Syd

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