Wednesday, October 6

Life isn't a plane ride

I'm going to start this blog prefacing that I love Charlie Brown.  I'm a sucker for the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Christmas specials.  And I only read Sunday's comics for Snoopy.  But as I was sitting in English class the other day, a pink paper on my teachers bulletin board caught my eye.  It was a quote by Charles Shultz, (the author of the Charlie Brown cartoon).  It says;

I've developed a new philosophy... I only dread one day at a time
Now I was already not in a good mood because my english teacher is a liitle annoying.  But this quote really irked me.  Why would you want to live like this?  What satisfaction would you get out of life if you woke up everyday dreading what was to come?  I don't understand, life is a journey and every day is a step we take along the path.  Its not necessarily about the end destination, but the way you get there.  I personally don't believe in fate, karma, or coincidences.  So here is my life lesson for the day:
"Life isn't a plane you get on that has a planned destination, it's a taxi cab that you get in and you tell it where to go."

  You have full control over the day and the life you live and the way you live it.  The people that come into our lives and the things that make us stronger happen for a reason.  It all has a purpose, it all just doesn't happen out of chance.
Life Wont Suck...
 If You Wont Let It

So tommorow when you wake up in the morning, don't roll out of bed with a groan.  Jump out and throw your hands above your head and say, "Good Morning World!  I'm going to have a good day:)"  And let me give you some advice, somedays you wont have good days.  But you know, you'll only make them worst by complaining and living in your sadness.  So instead of getting on the plane where the destination is already set, jump in the taxi and take control.  You have the control.  Its your life, dont saturate it with despair.

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