Friday, October 8

You are Beautiful

I had this epiphany today:)  and this might sound a tad conceited.  But I really need to say it you.
I'm Beautiful.

Now your probably let me back track.
Until now I haven't been single since sophomore year.  That's a long time to be defined by the person your with.  I figured out though that I had no idea the person that I have become.  I've been too consumed with a boy to meet myself.  Your probably still confused...But having your heart broken and having the life you thought was for you snatched away so quickly, it makes you think and realize a lot about yourself.  If it wasn't the worst pain and suffering I have ever felt I would recommend it. 

But yesterday I was swimming along and I just all of a sudden realized this.  Why do I need someone to tell me that?  Why do I need a boy to make me feel good about the way I am.

So here's my advice, (and I'm going to write it big so you wont miss it, cause i missed it a couple of times:))


No matter the things you don't like about yourself or the things you fixate about, or even that extra five pounds you want to loose.  Take it from someone who has supermodel status best friends :)  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  So with this lesson I challenge anyone out there reading this.  I challenge you to wake up tomorrow morning and find one thing you truly love about yourself. (For me it is my twin freckles on my upper lip)  Just something little, and say, "I am beautiful, no matter what I think."  Every day find something new to love instead of fixating on the things you don't like.  And just wait, maybe you will even learn to love them. :)  Go and read this:) maybe even tape it to the bathroom mirror.  Just know your beautiful, and you are your own worst critic.  But also know, you don't need a boy to tell you that you are beautiful.  Tell it to yourself.
Love Syd:)

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