Sunday, October 31

Save your costumes for Halloween.

Today is Halloween!  Halloween is my third favorite holiday coming in behind Fourth of July and New Years Eve.  (Fireworks will always beat out candy in my book:))  Well now Halloween, while being my favorite holiday also kind of confuses me sometimes,  like almost whats the point?  Everyone spends so much money on costumes to dress up like something else, and people give them candy.  Older girls dress like sluts and wear heels and honestly scare me more then the haunted houses.  And in our good ole' town the water polo boys go streak in their speedos through the busiest street of the night.  I guess I don't understand the point, but then again, another question popped in my mind.  Why do we dress up?  And, do we end dressing up in a costume our whole lives? 
  Halloween is the one day that we can dress up as anything that we want, Be anybody that we want.  In life do we do this?  Do we dress ourselves up for other people's approval?  Do we really do what we want?  Or what people say we should?  Do we dress up like the perfect straight A ivy league kid because our parents want us to?  Do we dress up as the pot head, or the drunk because our friends are all doing it?   Do we dress as the slut because we think that's the only way to get boys and be happy?  Or do we say screw all of this?  I hope that you would.  I hope that in life we don't dress up and try to be a costume and not the real person that we are.  I hope that we throw away the costumes and save them just for Halloween.  So my advice?  Don't hide behind the many masks of life, take them off and be the person that you are.  Even if you don't know who that really is, I don't.  But I'm not going to put on a costume and try to be like everyone else.  I'm going to be me...:)
Be safe tonight:)

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