Wednesday, November 3


So I know you all are going to think I'm weird in saying that I love Shakespeare.  Most freshman dread the days you spend reading Romeo and Juliet in class, by my freshman year I had already read the book twice.  (needless to say its my favorite book of all time.)  Any way I start today telling you this because we are getting ready to read Hamlet in ApLit and I honestly couldn't be more excited to stop poetry and start Shakespeare.  Anyway,  our english teacher was talking about tragedy yesterday in class.  And like most english teachers she asks us "Overarching Questions".  One of them was "Why do humans suffer?"  Now this question made me have to step back and think for just a second, and if you have read any of this blog.  You know I over think a lot of things.  I answered with this, mostly we bring sadness on ourselves because we wallow in it and hold on to it so hard.  If maybe I'm not making sense let me give you another example, last night I watched a movie with Meg Ryan called Serious Moonlight.  It was a pretty stupid movie and I wouldn't recomend it.  But the plot of the movie is about a woman who realizes that her husband is leaving her for another woman.  She then proceeds to duct tape him to the potty and makes him wait there until he falls in love with her again.  This made me think again, why would she even want to do this?  Why would you want to sit there in the bathroom and hold on so close to the sadness?  Why do we this?  Suffering from sadness only means that we are holding on so closely to our sadness.  We let it constantly consume our minds, our thoughts, and our actions because we wallow in it and don't let go of it.  So I then again started to think, and realized how much I do this.  How much I wallow in my break up and the sadness it brought onto me instead of working towards ridding myself of it.  After all of this I made the decision to work towards getting rid of my sadness, of not letting myself wallow in it and let it always be consuming my thoughts.  I hope you also do this, I've seen so many people who have let sadness and depression rule their lives.  I'm choosing right now to let the sadness go and focus on the rest of my life...
Hope you do the same
Love, Syd

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