Thursday, November 25

Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!  So it is probably no surprise given the holiday what my life lesson is going to be, but I'll write anyway.  So last year I got my wisdom teeth taken out the day before.  Needless to say while I couldn't eat anything but liquids the holiday made me crabby.  Well that was a picnic next to what has led up to today's holiday...
  So my grandparents called to say that they were snowed in and the had no power.  For some reason we still came up here.  Not that I don't love my Grandparents, but seriously its thirty degree weather with no heat isn't going to be fun.  Anyway on our way driving up our truck broke down.  So now here we are in thirty degree weather, its snowing, and we have no power.  You could probably say there has been better days:)  But then I stop and I think, I'm in a warm house, there is a huge meal cooking in the oven, my family is all around happy and healthy, I have friends back home that love me,  and Cory and I are playing in the snow.  How could I even begin to complain?  I know there are so many out there that don't get to have such a wonderful holiday, so before everybody complains today, think of what you are thankful for.  There is so much I am. :)

Have a good holiday, I'm going to go play in the snow:)
Love Syd:)


  1. I just wanted to publicly express how happy your posts make me. They get me to think outside of my normal thought process and on occasion look at things from another point of view : ) so thanks and keep it up ; )