Saturday, November 13


So from reading this blog you have probably figured out that swimming is a large part of my life.  Today I had a swim meet, I did okay.  Not fantastic, but pretty comendable.  Well a couple days ago at practice, there was a girl that said she didn't want to go to the meet.  She said that she didn't to waste her time if she wasn't going to drop her times.  I thought about this for awhile and I said, "But, your quitting before your even beginning."  My coach just told her that she shouldn't be afraid of faliure.  And then I began to wonder, how many of us truly do fear failure?  How many things are we scared to do because we were nervous that we might fail?  How many oppurtunities do we aviod because we are unsure of the outcome?  I tried to think of things I could have possibly given up because I was afraid of failure.  And then I thought, why should we be?  Why in the world should we be scared of failure, because failure is so wonderful.  I'm going to say that again so you don't miss it.


Most people wont understand any of this, many of you are probably shaking your heads at me and hitting "next blog" button.  But for those of you who are still with me let me explain.  Failure is a part of life, a person can't run from it, you will somehow encounter failure in your life.  But why is this a bad thing?   Think about all that we have gained from people's failures, and what you of a person can gain from your own failures.  Your failures and mistakes, think about what you can gain from it.  Failure is how you learn, when you make a mistake your not going to make it again.  Failure is how you learn and how you measure your amount of growth.  So the next time you give up before you even start, think back to the last time you failed and what it taught you.  How much knowledge you gaind from it.  Dont run from things because there is a possiblity that you could fail, but run to them.  Because you don't even know if you will fail, but if you do....It could teach you a lot of things. 
Hope you have fun failing:)

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