Friday, November 5

Find Yourself:)

In swim, there are some sets that you love, some that you grit your teeth and do, and there is the select few that just make you want to cry when the coach announces them.  Well the other day when Coach J smiles her little evil smile and says "five one hundreds on the 1:15 four times"  Every one of us groaned.  (Okay so for the select few who don't get swimming, a hundred yards is four laps done in a minute and fifteen seconds, you do five of those hundreds, four times through.)  They are at an all out sprint with only seconds of rest in between each one.  Last time we did the set I only made a few of them on the time I wanted.  This time I made all of them, I pushed myself beyond my comfort level, and I achieved a goal.  Not to mention coming into the wall first and leading the pack, it just made me feel so good about myself. 
Anyway:) enough bragging, So when I came into the wall after my first set of hundreds my coach said something to me that almost made me cry for a whole different reason.

"Sydney, I really admire your guts and your strength.  And how your not afraid to push through it and not be led by anybody else."

If you have been reading this blog lately, you know I've been trying to fix my broken heart, and grow and learn from what happened.  I guess that's why I started this blog too.  So that I could truly express how I think I'm growing everyday.  To have my coach, someone that I look up to tell me what she did.  Say that I can take the lead and not follow, How she can see my strength and how I have grown up.  It made my heart swell.  It made me feel accomplished and like I was going places, because it doesn't matter if I think I am growing, if other's see it, that's when it truly means the world to me.

So because there is always a life lesson, I challenge every one of the few people I know who do read this to look at your goals, and try to let people see the true person you are becoming threw your actions, your hard work, and determination.  Let people truly see how you are growing, and how you are becoming the person God planned for you.  Don't hid behind other people, But stand out and let the world see you.  Push through boundaries, accomplish goals, and know where your going.:)

Have fun finding yourselves,

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