Sunday, January 2

Looking Back

Most people on the New Year try to think of what they will improve in the next year, I like to look back on the year that I had, and what happened, and what I learned.  So as I was crouched behind a bush hiding from our friend Jake because we all toliet papered his house, I remembered that this same time last year I was spending my new year with much different company.  When I got home at one in the morning,  I sat down and thought about where I was exactly a year ago, sitting on a couch with the boy I loved watching an eighties movie.  Then I smilied, cause I really enjoyed my new year this year.  I found myself wishing I could go back to the year before and tell last year me a few things.  I would tell myself to be more careful, and not to fall too hard in love, to step back and not be so stupid, to follow my head, not my heart.  I would tell myself to go spend more time with my friends and not with the boy.  And I would tell myself to have my epiphany before I spent ten months wasting my time.  To not listen to forevers...when I still got forever to live...:)  Now sitting in real life I realize that even though the past year brought me a pain that is life changing and undescribable, it makes me happy. :)  Because as this new year comes along,  I've learned so much and I'm excited because I get to start over :)  and even though I cant warn my past self, I can warn my future self.  I can take all of the things that I learned and all of my should'ves, would'ves, and could'ves and try to not bring them into the next year.  So my advice?: Look back and learn.  Take all those mistakes and heartaches from the last year and learn from them.  And Have a wonderful new year:)
Love Syd:)

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