Monday, March 28

Being Responsible :)

I've been thinking a lot lately about mistakes.  I know that probably doesn't sound like a positive thing to think about, but it has made me ponder.  At our swim meet last week a some mistakes were made by our team, by the other team, and by the idiots who actually commissioned the pool. (a normal pool is twenty five yards long, this one was thirty three and a third.)  Anyway, today at our team meeting Coach J said something that reminded me why I respected her so much.  She said "We made a mistake and we have big shoulders to carry the blame."  I love her and I respect her so much for what she says.  Coach J never makes excuses for anything and she never  takes excuses for anything, she always has something inspirational to say and always will speak the truth.  I respect the fact that she never makes excuses for anyone.  So then the other day I was listening to two kids in the library make excuses for their bad grades and their essays.  It got me thinking about how much we make excuses for things.  We make exucuses and try to pose the blame unto to something else that we almost forget why we made the mistake in the first place. We blame our teachers for our bad grades, the pool for our bad times, and the blind spot for the dent in the back of the car.  But I think that most teenagers don't take responsibility for their actions. 
You can probably guess my advice; Take responsibility for your mistakes.  That's all part of growing up, when you grow up you have to take responsibility for what you do. You have to say "yes dad I dented the car I'm sorry." or "yes Coach J I didn't swim too well today."  You have to say yes I did do it and I'm sorry.  I promise you people will be more impressed with you saying that then making excuses.

Have fun being responsible :)

and don't do this....

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  1. I love this. Thanks for my inspiration of the week : )