Friday, April 22


So I have writer's block, I can't think of anything to write about, and for someone who wants be a writer when she grows up...well you can imagine how completley frusterating that would be.  So, because I couldn't think about what to write, I thought I would write about the fact that I have writer's block.  Do you ever feel like you are stuck?  Stuck in one place, never really going anywhere.  I've felt that way lately.  But sometimes we do get stuck.  We get stuck on the side of the road because we got a flat tire.  Or stuck without plans on a friday night.  Sometimes we even get stuck without an idea or inspiration to help us.  For some reason I thought about a report I did in the eighth grade about the La Brea tar pits.  How all of these animlas fell into  the tar pits and get stuck.   They couldn't get out so they died and were preserved in the tar pits.  But I guess thats the good thing about writer's block, your not stuck forever.  Someone always comes to change your tire, next friday you spend it with your friends, and an idea eventually comes.  But unlike the sabertoothed tigers and wooly mammoths we don't have to be stuck forever.  My advice would be this, when your stuck don't get discouraged like me.  That only leads to great frusterations, tears, and headaches.  But you have to hold your head up and never give up.  Sit down, find something that inspires you, and don't loose all hope.  You wont be stuck forever.

:) SYD

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