Tuesday, December 13

imagine :)

 Some of this blog was also inspired by the John Lennon song Imagine.  you should go listen it while reading this blog :)


Hey guys!  So I should probably be studying for finals and not on tumblr :) which is my new obsession:) and listening to t-swift :) But anyway...I was listening to the radio this morning on my way home from swim practice and it was the usually morning talk radio, and some of the DJ's were going over the top list of "free toys" in honor of Christmas.  The list contained normal things that kids find pleasure with, you know, mud, rocks, stick, the box that the new fridge came in, stuff like that.  Most of the DJ's felt that they could come up with better items and opened the phone lines for more suggestions of free toys that kids enjoy playing with.  And while I was annoyed that no one said my option I felt like it was the best one.  And because I couldn't get on the air, I thought I would just tell all of you. 
The best "toy" or thing that children play with that doesn't cost a thing is their imagination.  The fact that no one thought of that just shows you how much people lack it.  When I was growing up my favorite book was Anne of Green Gables.  The story of this girl with immense imagination who couldn;t be held down by her practical care taker or any of the people in the town that thought she was eccentric and crazy.  When I was young I was outside pretending I was an indian princess, collecting acorns and running around barefoot.  I would pretend that I was poor and lived in a dog house with my doll.  I rollerbladed around pretending I was ice skating in the olympics, and I spent countless hours in the pool pretending i was a mermaid.    I would spend hours imagining up scenarios for my barbie dolls, and dress up as many different things.  I can remember doing all of those things more then I can remember what toys I played with. 
So I started thinking about imagination.  How important it is when your a little kid.  But then I began to think about how much i use my imagination now.  How I come up with crazy scenarios and life stories on a daily basis.  When I get bored in the car I think up things i want to write about, what i want to say to people that make me mad, what to wear the next day.  I use my imagination everyday. 
Now I know you are all thinking that I'm a freak.  Which I am.  But you know what!  I am a freak with a wild imaginiation.  I have a creative mind and I hope to one day use that to become a writer.  [Guys look!  I figured it out :)  turning point in life:)]  anyway...so my point, my advice, my life lesson:

Go use your imagination.  I don't care that you are all "grown up".  I'm not suggesting that you go out and play with barbies and pretend to be an indian.  But this world needs some more imagination.  Some more color, more happiness, more naivete, and more fairy tales.  People that help to save the world, that make a difference, they have an imagination.  They create things that change how we live our lives.  facebook, tumblr, music, video games, television.  That all takes creativity and imagination.  Go be imaginative and create things, create happiness, love and laughter.  And don't stunt the imagination of the next generation.  Let children go out and use their imagination encourage them to.  Creativity and imagination is what drives this world and what makes it beautiful...i know i sound like a hippie, and maybe a little part of me is one.  But I hope imagination doesn't die. It's what makes the world beautiful :)

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