Thursday, December 29

the same old new year...

So I just have these days where I'm in a bad mood and begin to rant about stupid things...(ask my mom, she hates these days :)  but then once in awhile I will find a good nugget of a rant that just makes me think that I should share it with the internet :) So this one is about this holiday of New Years.  Now everyone gets all excited about New Years.  Kids usually love that their parents let them stay up past midnight and they think they look cool drinking Martinelli's out of wine glasses.  Older people my age just like to get drunk.  And grown ups think its a good reason to make resoultions they usually break by groundhog day.  And if your like me you usually just depressingly watch that old guy just keep getting older in Times Square wondering how much longer he'll announce the ball dropping.  Anyway... so I was thinking about what to do for this holiday when I began to think about how pointless this holiday really is.  Like I mean seriously think about really think I'll give you a couple minutes...

Okay that's enough don't hurt yourself...:) But I began to think about the significance of New Years Eve.  It's really just a reason for people to get drunk and party.  I know I know its the beginning of a new year!  But what does that even mean?
Whats new about it?  What really changes from December 31st to January 1st?  Isn't the world still the same?  I mean you wake up (hopefully not that hungover or tired) and what really has changed except the date?  You wake up to the same life, the same body, job, school, family, house, wardrobe, friends.  You wake up with the same fears, insecurities, doubts, beliefs, and memories.  And the world doesn't change much either.  If you really think about it the world is still as messed up as it is now  It doesn't became like a brand new world that we get to screw up for a whole year.  Its the same messed up one we have now.

But see here's the optimistic part of this blog.  Don't think I don't believe in change, because I do.  I believe that anyone and everyone can change.  I think that change is a wonderful beautiful thing that is possible from everyone.  But I really don't understand waiting for change.  Why are you all waiting until the first day of the year to change?  Go make a change now!  Like I said, the first day of the year you are all going to wake up and realize that this world is still the messed up world it was in 2011.  But see Ghandi got it right when he said that you need to be the change you want to see in the world.  If you want something to change you better get up and change it for yourself.   Good things never come to those who wait, good things come to the people who strive and work hard for the good things.  The changing of the year isn't going to change your life.  Only you can do that.  So go change.  Be a better person.  and have a Happy New Year that is hopefully filled with change :)

Love, Sydney :)

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