Friday, December 30

what I learned from Knott's Berry Farm...My Favorite Little Things :)

Hey everyone :) Hope you all had a wonderful holiday :) So because I'm an amazing sister I took my brother to Knott's Berry Farm for his Christmas Present the other day. It was the first time we had ever been there and we had so much fun.  Although going on a day when everyone is off of school probably wasn't the best idea I have ever had.  Anyway, So we were standing in line to go on the big wooden roller coaster, and we waited in line for about an hour, and while we were mindlessly standing there waiting I realized something.  I don't really know if this is going to make any sense but I thought it was really profound.  How many times in our lives to we live like we are at an amusement park.  Just think about it for a second.  Think about how many times we wait in line mindlessly waiting for the big exciting things in life to happen?  Like we just live for the big exciting roller coaster moments and just mindlessly wait in line anxiously for them to happen.  Why is that?  Why do we do that?  Sometimes I think that the small moments that we don't think too much about end up being the most important.  There is the big amazing moments that we wait for, and we miss out on the little things going on around us.  So my advice would just to stop for just a second and smell the roses.  Look at the beauty in the world around you and appreciate it.  Look at the little things in life that make you happy, that make you smile. :) like the song from the Sound of Music :) Her favorite things were little things that made her truly happy.  :)

I hope you can see the beauty in the world as much as some people see the beauty in the huge things around them.  Realistically finding the joy and beauty in the littlest things cause people to become much happier on a daily basis.

and if your having a hard time with this here are some one my favorite little hings in life that make me happy ...
  • sleeping in 
  • reading a new book
  • listening to the ocean waves
  • hot tea in a big mug
  • line dancing
  • newly painted nails
  • bare feet
  • driving with my windows down
  • a warm bed
  • good hair days
  • Jenna Marbles videos
  • long talks with my best friend :)
  • cheese chips
  • smoothies
  • ribbon
  • giving gifts
  • good morning text messages
  • cheetah print
  • daisies
  • quotes
  • brushing my teeth
  • crunchy leaves
  • payday 
  • smiles
I guarantee if you can find happiness and beauty in the little things about your everyday, like those things in that list you will live a happier life :)
Love, Syd :)

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