Sunday, February 19

Second Chances...

Well hello :) I know it's been awhile...tsk tsk sydney :) But I'm here.  School started again which means new classes, new swim team, new friends, and new drama.  And just when you think everything is new and exciting, the old just comes rushing back.  Isn't that always how it is? You just begin to forget and those memories wont let you. 
And what do you do?  Do you ignore it? Do you squash your feelings and not listen to them?  Or do you follow them, do something stupid and what everyone says you shouldn't?  Do you try to figure out what you feel and what to do even though you know in the end it might hurt?
Well those are a lot of question and unfortunately I don't have any answers.
What Sydney?  you mean you, the person that has written a whole blog giving people advice don't have the answers?  Yeah well I'm not a magic eight ball.
But I do believe in second chances,  Sometimes those second chances don't need to be as strong as the first chances that were given.  But you can't go around hating people that have wronged you.  You have to remember that you only know one half of a story.  You don't know whats going through the other person's head, the reasons why they did what they did.  I'm not saying you become best friends with the girl that betrayed you.  Or take back your ex-boyfriend.  But don't be bitter, don't hate them until you die.  You sit down and have a conversation with them, you give them a chance to apologize.  You apologize.  Even if what you did wasn't as bad.  You be nice. 
So I'm still not a magic eight ball, but I do believe in second chances.

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