Friday, April 6

what I think about dead cats.

Hey you guys:) I know I know it's been awhile. I feel like I start every blog line that...but it's been crazy since I started swimming and school. But I'm doing pretty good in school:) and swim is swim :) my ever loving give and take relationship. Anyway, with my crazy schedule and my brother and mom's and dad's busy schedule we don't really spend a lot of time together as a family. But every night we have begun to abandon the dinner table and watch "The Big Bang Theory". It's the only television show that all four of us enjoy and really laugh at. So on the show the other night two of the characters were trying to decide if they wanted to go out on a date and another character, who is annoyingly smart and makes sure everyone knows, brings up the concept of Schrodinger's cat. Because I had not a clue to what an old guy's cat had to do with life until then, I'm going to assume you guys don't either... Schrodinger's cat is some thought experiment that has to do with figuring out quantum physics. And while quantum physics has about as much allure to me as your toilet brush, I'll explain it the way I see it. Apparently Schrodinger made a point that if a cat was in a box and there was a container of poison that were to break the cat would die. The point though is that you can't see the cat, so you don't know whether it is dead or alive. The only way to know is opening the box. And your all thinking " well no duh Sydney, what are you stupid you couldn't assume that?" but my point is this, you don't ever really know the outcome of anything until you go and do it. I have found that I really need to remember this from time to time. Sometimes we look at a large obstacle and give up at the bottom because of just the sheer height of the mountain. Or just how long it will take scares us into not even wanting to try. But what we have to remember is that we can't stop time. It passes no matter what, we might as well spend it wisely. You don't know how things are going to end up, or the end result until you open the box and go find out. Don't give up or even start thinking you know how life is going to end up. Go along with an open mind, and figure it out.:)

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