Wednesday, April 18

Game Over? Guest blogger cause I'm too tired :)

Hey :) So while I would love to sit here and rant about something...I stayed up all night writing a paper and I need to go take a nap before swim. :) So instead I think that you should hear from some one else today :) One of my best friends is going to rant for you, and I'm going to sleep :) enjoy :)

Game Over?
 We were made relational beings. Right? Or am I the only one? God has placed in me the desire to have a family. To need someone and be needed. And I know this coming from a girl doesn’t mean much. At all really. I don’t think I’ve talked to one girl who has said that they prefer to be single, at least for long. Given I’ve been that girl. Through my last two years of high school I was perfectly happy being single, not to say I was opposed to a boyfriend, I just didn’t desire one. I could take it or leave it. But ask any given girl if they want to be single forever, I’d say 99.9% or the time the answer will be heck no. So we’ve determined that I’m normal.

    But guys... they seems to be a whole different story to me. Whats with all the shirts that say marriage is game over? Or all the jokes about being whipped and references to being tied down? Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems to me that guys and I are not on the same page. All this leads me to the query that has been on my mind: Am I wasting my time dreaming about this guy who hasn’t given a second thought to having a girlfriend? It seems to me that I am. Where are all these romantic country songs sung by men coming from? Although at times, they remind me of what I don’t have, they give me hope that somewhere out there is a man who does not dread the thought of having a girlfriend.

Editor's note: T wrote this about a year ago, since then she has found a great guy and has been dating him for awhile.  I know it can be frustrating being alone and without someone to share things with and be in love.  But this just shows that relationships, if forced, maybe fun and fullfilling at first but wont end well.  Take a tip from T over here and wait for a great guy to come along.

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