Wednesday, May 9

Inspire Yourself

So I talk a lot about being inspired.  I get inspired by a lot of different things.  Really anything inspires me, fashion quotes, books, movies, television.  I get more inspired during some parts of life and less inspired during others.  But everyday I wake up and try to find a reason to get inspired.  I find things throughout the day that inspire me, whether it be a topic that I read about in my anthropology book or something my communications professor says.  Sometimes it is something I find on the internet, a quote or a picture.  And sometimes I inspire myself.
I know that just sounded really egotistical.  And no I don't think that I am so fantastic that I should be an inspiration to the world.  But I really do think that some of the best inspiration that we can find is what we have inside our minds and our hearts.  We can't ever really inspire others if we aren't inspiring, and become inspired. 
So here is my advice, become inspired by yourself, look back at what you have accomplished, or the happy moments in your life and know that you yourself are inspiring.  We all get down on ourselves when life doesn't go the way we think that it should.  But I can promise, that if you have the amount of strength to get out of bed and live another day in this evil world, if you can smile when there isn't a reason to, if you can persevere and work hard at something that doesn't seem possible.  You are an inspiration.  And if you can deal with not getting what you want, with failing, with letting people down, with getting let down and still stand back up, well then that's inspiring.  You have to see that, you have to see that the strength and determination inside of you is inspiring to the world, and if it inspires the world, why can't it inspire you?

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